Techniques for stabbing gamecocks online

Techniques for stabbing gamecocks online

Techniques to bet on gamecocks online for people who like to play gamecocks online Today we have a way to make money from betting on gamecocks UFABET to make a profit for you. Gamecock betting is a bet that we can’t predict which chicken will win. If we don’t know about gamecock betting, it will be difficult to win but not too difficult if you follow the method we recommend. And this is a cool way to make you profit from betting on gamecocks.

betting on gamecocks online live online fighting cock It is a traditional sport of Thailand that has been around for a long time. It has been around since the Sukhothai period. Gamecock is a sport that is used to connect with our neighbors as well. In playing gamecocks in the old days, all classes were played by bringing 2 chickens to beat each other to win and lose. without many rules of play in the old days Until the present era, starting to develop rules by taking time involved in order for the chickens to rest and have a ring for the chickens to compete, apply at UFABET, click here.

Techniques for stabbing gamecocks online that can make money fast

Practice analyzing gamecocks.
First of all, you will have to practice analyzing gamecocks first. which some people may overlook Most of the time, he would look at the cockfighting rate. But analyzing the availability of gamecocks is also a way that we can win. Don’t just look at the price rate, it will make you miss out on great opportunities. From making money, not dying, stabbing chickens is possible. Practice analyzing the chickens and see how ready they are to help increase your chances of winning.

Start playing with less money
starting from small things is the best betting on gamecocks online live online fighting cock Should start with less money to reduce the risk. in losing bets as well If we have the expertise to bet on gamecocks, we can adjust the bet later as well. But betting with less money gives us more profit than loss. Therefore, people who are new to it are recommended to bet less, the best, do not rush to gradually accumulate.

share profit and capital
What every gamecock gambler should do is set aside their funds and share their profits. We will accurately check your earned profit if you don’t know how to differentiate the profit. You may enjoy playing until your profits are gone with your capital. The best way is to divide the money into parts. The profits we have gained must be shared and used as capital for playing the next time we will see the profit clearly.

Choose an easy style of play.
There are many styles of playing online gamecock betting. We also need to know our limits on how accurate we can be at stabbing gamecocks. For safety, choose the easiest style of play. that thinks that will make you profit every time you play

Always look at the price of chicken first.
The price rate of the gamecock is another way that we can use to win as well. Although the price rate is very good, we have to look at it in conjunction with the use of gamecock stabbing methods. In order to win more easily, don’t just look at the price rate alone, it can be a mistake.

And this is how we bring it for people who like to bet on gamecocks online. If you put this method to good use, then you need to know how to stop yourself. When playing with a satisfactory profit Should be mindful in playing every time will definitely help you not lose money on online gamecock betting. Try to follow the recommended method. You won’t be disappointed.

Techniques for hitting gamecocks or fighting cocks online

Gamecock is a type of chicken. who has a fierce character, likes to fight, so we have no way You can know which gamecock is good or not. Simple techniques for viewing.

How is the origin of the chicken, such as the chicken arch, the hand of the water?
Young chickens always have an advantage over older chickens.
It’s important to compare chickens. for newbies
learn tactic of each gamecock to understand

Techniques for placing the original gamecock online Bet on Gamecocks Online Live online gamecock, local sports that are in online betting websites From a sport that seems distant Currently, it is not difficult anymore if friends choose to apply for membership on a standard betting website like UFABET because the inside is full of playing guides. and good content For the way to each other as a complete online chicken master

Professional cockfighting competition

Professional cockfighting competition The competition will be held only on Saturday. and Sunday Starting from 8:00 am onwards, the competition will be closed on days that correspond to Buddhist holy days and public holidays. In the competition, there will be general competition rules as follows:

Like a chicken by catching assess weight The height is compared by the owner of the chicken to decide.
The chickens that competed use plaster tape to cover the spikes.
No more than 12 matches (12 rounds) last for 20 minutes per round, with a 20-minute break.
Decision system, lose, win (lose, run away, turn around, don’t fight 3 times, lie down or crouch to get up and fight If you don’t fight, you lose.)

Amateur boxing competition

Amateur cockfighting competition Most of the competitions are held only on Saturdays and Sundays. Starting from 8.00 o’clock onwards, the competition will be closed on days that correspond to Buddhist holy days and public holidays. In the competition, there will be general competition rules as follows:

Register for breed history and weighing
Compare chickens by weight. and height is the criterion
Chickens competing must wear spurs with standard field gloves.
In the mouth, add chicken wings before the competition.
5 rounds, 10 minutes each round, 2 minutes break
Giving water is given in their own corner trays within the field. using the equipment provided by the field
No head rewinding, eye spreading, and sutures were not performed during the lift break.
Do not use balsams, any chemicals and doping when an allergic reaction is detected.

win-lose decision system

Lose, run away, turn away, don’t fight 3 times, lie down or crouch to get up and fight. Not fighting is considered a technical knockout loss (Tko’s).
The mouth is dislodged, the mouth is removed or the cane is broken. His eyes were closed, blood rushing into his eyes. And wounds in the discretion of the stadium that should not continue to compete will end the competition is considered defeated RSC (RSC) (Chicken owners want to surrender when you see that